Why this Maestro is retiring after 30 years

End of an era


Going to be a big change in the Netherlands

It can’t come soon enough!

Should have ditched MasterCard and kept the Maestro name/logo. Was a lot nicer

Except that there is next to no recognition of the Maestro branding outside of the limited countries where it is common.

They were never going to do that, Mastercard has global brand recognition.

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That was their own creation, I’m talking about they should have picked MaestroCard to be the global brand to begin with

Again, it just would never have happened. The corporate name always was Mastercard, Maestro only existed from the 1990s onwards.

They were never going to rebrand the original, widely-recognised Mastercard brand. It has global acceptance and recognition going back decades.

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It didn’t back in the 90’s where even countries like Sweden and the U.K. were majority cash/cheque

It wasn’t as strong a brand as it is now, granted, but it did exist so had at least some recognition.

To switch from that to a completely new brand with, by definition, no recognition at all would never be seen as a sound business move - unless a serious scandal had previously tarnished the original brand beyond recovery (even then, it’s often preferable to strategically shift around existing brand names rather than start again completely, much like NatWest did with the RBS name).


Maestro and Mastercard were on relatively equal footing at one point. That’s when the action I’m saying should have happened should have taken place

I think Maestro is more fun to look at and to say, too. Colours are also nicer on the eyes

I’ll agree to disagree, although maybe Mastercard don’t agree with me as they don’t particularly seem to like how “Mastercard” contains the word “card” nowadays, when they are looking to increasingly position themselves as at the forefront of digital payments.

Perhaps the more generic Maestro may have worked for them?

I personally think the Mastercard circles are extremely recognisable and far more identifiable than the Maestro version.

The colors are nicer IMO but given the global acceptance of both Visa and Master (yes I know Amazon may become an exception to that soon) I don’t think most people care what it’s called.

Personally I like things that doesn’t leave any room for interpretation as to how you say them… Maestro could be may-stro, it could be my-stro or even mar-stro.

I also am glad we’re beyond the days of difference classes of debit card. Having Solo/Switch and Visa/Electron was just a PITA

Bring back Cirrus… :eyes::crazy_face:

Season 5 No GIF by The Office

Nice logo through :rofl:

Yup, who doesn’t like a nice blue colour

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You may be showing your relative youth here.

MasterCard has always been the dominant brand by a wide margin.

Even in countries where the Maestro brand was introduced, it was still frequently referred to my the name of whatever scheme it replaced. Hence, in the UK they were more commonly called Switch cards.

Even now, I suspect Switch is more popular than Maestro here on large segments of the population.

Starling Bank seem to like the old Switch logo though!

They could always revert to their previous name, Master Charge.

Found this on Wikipedia.

Mastercard, originally known as Interbank from 1966 to 1969 and Master Charge from 1969 to 1979

My vote would be for Interbank :rofl:

Maestro is clearly my-stro, I don’t see how you could say it any other way - that’s the way you pronounce it as in the context of a concert conductor.