When Commuting returns.. e-bikes

Given that the inevitable return to offices may be sooner than we think… it leads a thought on… how to get to work.

Now it’s worth saying… I do have a regular bike, but given we relocated to the 'burbs a couple of years back… probably just a bit beyond my comfort zone/range of having a timely commute on a regular bike (Edinburgh is famed for just being a bunch of hills)

so does anyone have an E-bike?

i’ve been looking at VanMoof S3 | VanMoof

I haven’t got one but I have ridden those Lime bikes a few times and they were really good, I’d invest in a e-bike but not before my e-scooter.

sorry, but when I hear e-bike i inevitably picture something like this:


this is the ebike I want

I see the VanMoof a lot around SW London and it has Apple FindMy integration VanMoof S3 impressions: A ridiculously good-looking e-bike with Apple Find My support [Video] - 9to5Mac


This is one of the key reasons why i’m looking at it… you know… since i don’t use android… makes sense…right…

I can print you an AirTag clip for the bike if you like :slight_smile:

Looks nice but not sure I’d want an integrated battery on a bike? I’d probably want to keep it longer than the battery would last.

That’s what I like about the Trek Bikes. The battery is in the downbar and is not only replacable but you can take it out and use the downbar for storage as well.

Just discovered the VanMoof S3 is for riders 5’8” – 6’8” which is too big for me. The X3 is not as nice a looking bike

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From reading it does appear to be removable by the manufacturer themselves, which isn’t the end of the world

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I’ve been looking at that one since last year. Saw one a few weeks ago and asked the bloke how he was getting on with it. He said he loved it.

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That’s good to hear, unfortunately they don’t have a shop to try them in Scotland (Just London), although apparently we are getting a service unit, so will hopefully get a test if that happens