Welcome to 9to5FS

Welcome to 9to5FS

We’re a new community who loves all things from Fin thru Tech :slight_smile:

I’ll post more in the coming days but I thought it worth mentioning a slightly controversial topic so as to get the subject out of the way. 9to5FS has no moderators and only 4 admins, the option to flag posts is turned off and there are a wide range of emotions you can use in place of a heart to express your like or dislike of someones post. With that said we do have a few admins (made up of our founding members).

Our Admins (@Mark @Jimbo @Adie @Dieter ) are availabe to deal with any real crisis via PM, racists, homophobia, proper trolling, that sort of thing, but otherwise we expect people to conduct themselves properly and feel free to call out and moderate any issues they see

Edit… you can also message @admins


Wooooo :tada:

I see that you have included the ‘angry’ emotion.

And slightly concerned about the attention to detail after joining:

Welcome to 9to5FS @davidwalton

We are work in progress here but I have corrected the spelling typo.

Is there a problem with the angry emotion. I see things everything day that make me angry, I wish I could tag them all with that emoji :smiley:


Hello admins :wave: :angry:

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Welcome @SebH I see you’re shooting for that “all out of love” badge :slight_smile:



Great to be here, I see no reason not to be liberal with the likes!


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To all our new members!

FYI… GIF button built in by default now… :slight_smile:
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Hello all, thought I may as well post here also :smiley:


Hello, @Danny welcome to the new world

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@Recchan @xnoman

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Good work @Jimbo


Welcome aboard


Welcome @thom_horne

Where can we unwelcome people?

Asking for a enemy friend.