The Thread all about Ziglu

I have just tried to transfer money from Starling to Ziglu.

CoP failed as it did with Coinbase even though I have unique details for both.

I wonder if this is because Ziglu don’t do CoP

Did it say the name was wrong or just that it couldn’t be verified?

Couldn’t be verified.

I am going to do a £1 transfer to see if it arrives but I need to put some £’s in my Starling account 1st :rofl: I was initially just trying to setup the payee

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Wonder how Ziglu is defined to the likes of starling etc.

Because it’s not like a crypto exchange like binance or Coinbase (is it?)

Well so far… I’m failing to see the point of Ziglu…

I tried to close my account with Ziglu and raised their t’s and c’s as the issue. I’ve pasted their responses below

Followed by:

I think I am going to keep the account open and continue to see they offer a better proposition than Coinbase

Which part of the T&Cs are you talking about?

One very annoying thing is that they don’t distinguish between app alerts and marketing alerts.

You either have to turn off all notifications or allow annoying marketing. This is particularly problematic at the weekend when they bombard you with referral offers

When I turned off notifications I started getting alerts via email and no way of turning them off.

I have instructed them to proceed with closing the account

Apparently I can re-open an account any time through the app.

I’m wondering that means my data is actually deleted

Possibly either means… you can just do it again… or they have to hold onto your data for a set period of time

I’ve done the same for the same reason.

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The reason for annoying spam?

Yes. Spam is the reason.

spam GIF