The thread all about Virgin Money Current Accounts

If I were to CASS/Close my virgin money current account does anyone know, would it close the savings account that’s linked to it as well?

No, they convert it to a standard easy access savings account after a while.


That’s a shame. CASS is a quick and easy way of closing an account usually

Why would you close it when it offers a (relatively) good rate of interest?

I like to tidy up my accounts every now and then. I’m not actually planning on closing it yet but I thought I’d find out what might be involved.

The Virgin Money offering is quite interesting overall:

  • has an app that is on par with most banks and neobanks
  • has pretty good telephone customer service
  • fee free forex

On the other hand it’s a little bit disjointed as well. For example it’s a separate app for the credit card and the current account.


I did a live chat with VM and it apparently if you initiate a full switch they will automatically close the account down

Hmmmm - it was a while ago (and when it was called B) but when I switched out the current account got closed but the savings account remained open - I got a letter a few months after telling me it was being converted to a normal easy access savings account.

In fact, I think it is still open as I haven’t gotten around to closing it.

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haha, I think I still have my “B” savings account with a few pence in there - can’t log in anymore though …

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The app just seems slightly flaky to me, and I’m not sure why exactly?

Everything works, generally, but then sometimes it just won’t login (or it will trigger Face ID multiple times) or things will seem to take a while to load.

I also don’t like how Faster Payments show as Pending until the next overnight processing, it’s a bit weird when they are not actually pending.

They do plan on eventually bringing everything into a single app, I believe, and at that point maybe it will be OK.

Lots of the little issues at the moment seem to be related to the merging of different bank systems not yet being complete.

I also currently have two profiles due to having both Clydesdale and Yorkshire-originated accounts. Hopefully they will combine them into a single profile eventually as it’s a bit difficult to manage them separately.

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I’ve noticed this too. For example I cannot access my account data between 11PM and 1AM (not that I try this often). Today I noticed that when I tried to log in it just bounced back and forth between the Virgin Money Logo and FaceID.

Try it on a bank holiday :rofl: … I sent a payment last Thursday and it was still pending this morning.

Also I tried applying for a loan a couple of times because they where offering 3.1% but each time the form either bailed out or got the end and nothing ever happened.

Flakyness aside though like you say, everything mostly works. It’s kind of like having a Neobank but with good customer service.


I agree with the first part of that.

I haven’t had occasion to use the customer service, but that’s probably a good thing in itself!

I did a live chat this morning which was very quick, time will tell if the info they gave me is correct.

I’ve done a few calls with them and each time they’ve been quick to answer and able to assist without needing to escelate. Then again my requests generally aren’t complicated

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Sounds good, they have been on an aggressive push to improve their service (I think they have a top-5 target for the IPSOS Mori survey).

Yorkshire and Clydesdale used to score quite poorly, so it’s a big focus for them.

Sounds like the app hasn’t changed since I had a B account then - app had all the features you’d want, including some extensive budgeting stuff (and was the first with cheque imaging I think?) but it just felt unpolished and there were loads of weird bugs everywhere.

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I have more then one M Plus Current account - one of them is listed in the app on the accounts tab but it’s not mentioned under the ‘Transfer Money’ tab so I can’t make any payments or transfers from it! :roll_eyes:


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