The thread all about the good, the bad & potentially ugly world of other forums

Given it’s been a hot topic on other forums… here’s a topic on the other forums… :eyes:

Other forums start out with the best intentions but then they bring in over zealous mods from other forums that also have over zealous mods, I would name names but I am unsure if that is allowed.

Hopefully this forum does not go the way of that forum or the new forum.


Yeah I think the intention here is to be a bit more hands-off so hopefully the conversation will flow a bit better.

It’s been quite an interesting couple of weeks in the Fintech forum world I have to say…


The idea here is simply that people self moderate

Admins are availabe to deal with any real crisis via PM, racists, homophobia, proper trolling, that sort of thing, but otherwise we except people to conduct themselves properly and feel free to call out and moderate any issues they see


Seems reasonable, nothing worse then having a decent debate and having it destroyed by power hungry mods deleting posts or splitting threads.

Personally I can’t really see what this changes but if they think it will then I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I am wrong

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It’ll only really work if they enforce it, particularly ‘Encouraging and participating in constructive discussions’ and ‘Avoid escalating heated situations.’.

One of the common complaints I have seen about the Coral Crew on the Monzo forum is that they don’t always do that, in fact their contributions to a topic can sometimes only serve to (deliberately?) cause discussion to degrade to the point where they can then justifiably close the thread.

Now that Alan will be spending more time on the forum perhaps he will indeed be able to spend more time investigating and ‘having a word’ where that happens.

I’m unfortunately not that confident it will happen given there has been a week to review recent conduct of the coral crew as a whole and there don’t appear to have been any changes to CC membership related to this sort of thing, but time will tell.


The CCCOC is just there to shut people up, in a few weeks it’ll be just the same place as it always was.

I think you’re being optimistic if you think it’ll take that long :rofl:

I’m interested to know how you’re planning for this to operate.

If I, for example, see something which breaches a rule, what do I do?

Hey @Graham

Welcome to 9to5FS

We don’t have many rules so it could be difficult to breach them :rofl: We currently have the default Discourse rules in place but I’ll be updating them in time.

Our plan is simple (I hope). If you see someone being an arse or you feel their comments are inappropriate then the first thing to do is call them out and give them a chance to change their comments.

If something is posted that you feel should be taken down for any reason simply reply the thread and tag an admin or drop one of us a PM.

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Thanks for the welcome, @Jimbo.

I like your plan.

I guess this is the cornerstone.

I wonder about the reliance on the subjectivity. If I feel someone is being inappropriate, how likely is it that the poster will acknowledge and accept my call out?

Isn’t that likely to result in “I think you’re out of order” and “well I don’t think I am”.

And I suppose if the poster continues with that line and I still think he’s out of order, isn’t there a danger that the topic will easily get railroaded?


Think it will be interesting how a forum goes with out moderators to intercept. Fair play having a go.


This kind of un-moderation approach is definitely going to be subjective. But this is the internet and people are going to disagree with each other.

Personally I am not worried about topics going off topic, in my experience they tend to end up back in the right place eventually. There always have to be tradeoffs and this forum is erring on allowing conversation to flow without the risk of stifling it by constantly closing or splitting threads.

Will it work? We’ll find out in time. Are there red lines that cannot be crossed? Yes and when we see them we will act swiftly


I wish you every success, @Jimbo. :grin:


Thanks @Graham

I know there is quite a bit of choice with Fintech communities online so I am glad you stopped by.

I probably should have mentioned we have a few categories that only become available to level 2 and level 3 posters.

I hope that it gives people time to contribute and get to know other here before heading to more controversial topics such as sex, drugs and rock n’ roll :smiley:


@Jimbo good luck and be good to see the forum do well.


I’ve also noticed this as an issue. It’s quite simple really. If you set up a forum for topics such as other forums and then recruit the mods of those forums and then attract the users of those forums then it stands to reason that you end up replicating the problems of those forums.


Sausage rolls, mate. Sausage rolls.

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