The thread all about Starling having a new card BIN

Has anybody noticed Starling seem to have a different BIN on new cards?

OH lost her old card to ordered a new one and it has a BIN of 5356 74

My card from Oct 2018 has a BIN of 5574 35

I wonder if they had to change the BIN when they moved to world debit - though I don’t think Monzo had to change BIN when they went from standard to world debit?

My personal Starling card is 5574 35

I am trying to find an old version of my card to see if it changed. The World Debit changes seems the most likely reason though

Rubbish name for a topic :laughing:

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Wasn’t the expected format “All about the” …

Clearly we need more moderation here to to keep up a minimum standard!


I found this from 2018

I wonder @Adie if it goes back to the issue of business cards. Is it possible that your OH is super careful with her card and hasn’t needed a new one since they started phasing in new BINS :grinning:

This update would also suggest it’s to do with World Debit

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Nah she’s not careful, I probably just never noticed on her last card - I don’t look at hers that often.

Met Someone yesterday who’s Starling card has this BIN. Also had no World Debit branding and no contactless logo

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Yes that’s like mine, though there is a contactless logo but it is on the back.

my bad, I should have said that it wasn’t on the front :slight_smile:

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Interesting interaction were you meet “Someone” (with a captial S, no less) and they show you their debit cards right away :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Also: “who’s”? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: )

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Sounds like the way two Monzo customers would react. I wonder if both put their cards in the air and gave them a little knowing wave…

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oh dear @nanos . You’re right of course, my spelling and grammer are clearly the main takeaway from my post. I guess you’re covering for @Dickie today :stuck_out_tongue:

I was honestly quite surprised to see someone else with a Starling card but we met for lunch, it was his turn to pay and in order to see his BIN I had to explain this place to him :face_with_raised_eyebrow: which means there may not be another lunch :rofl:

I was not carrying my Starling card so I simply high fived him, gave him a manly slap on the arse and sent him on his way

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