The thread all about Starling Customer Service

I submitted a query to Starling, in-app, some 11 days ago. They’ve made absolutely no effort to acknowledge nor respond.

I thought Monzo customer service was terrible but this is something else.


Did you say the magic word?

Starling customer service is absolutely appauling a good day and on bad day you have to wonder if they outsourced to Monzo.

I think I’ve said it on here before, their scripted replies are utterly useless, the staff rarely seem to know how to respond to even the most basic queries and so it feels like they just ignore them until you escalate.

I’ve had to take things to Twitter on multiple occasions and even then it can still be days between a response


Oh. There’s a magic word? Other than please?


You have to use it in a sentence though, you can’t just say it.

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An alternative magic word is complaint…

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The FTT “editorial” read like the ramblings of a crazy person with a grudge but in all seriousness their support is not good. The last time I opened a live chat which according to them is “The quickest way to get an answer” I had to wait nearly 90 minutes for an answer. That said said I just opened a live chat and got an immediate answer so :man_shrugging:

Overall though their staff seem untrained. This is my last chat with them

08:21:10 PM [UTC]) Jimbo: Your website says I can do a low cost transfer but it’s not showing in app
(09:03:34 PM [UTC]) Starling joined the chat
(09:04:01 PM [UTC]) Starling: Hi there Jimbo, thanks for getting in touch and apologies for the wait!
(09:04:40 PM [UTC]) Starling: To get the best rates, we recommend directing GBP payments to your GBP account, EUR payments to your EUR account and USD to your USD account. Make sure whoever is making the payment has your correct details for the specific account, which you’ll find by navigating to the Account screen of your app, (just tap on the top right hand corner of your home screen, then into account details).

Please note that when a payee is transferring into your account from another country, they will need to ensure the funds are exchanged into the currency that the account is denominated in and then transfer these into the account. Any funds denominated in other currencies will be rejected, as our SWIFT/BIC code cannot accept these.

The only exception to the above is If we receive a euro payment into your GBP account, we’ll convert the euros using the real exchange rate and add a 2% fee. If you do sometimes receive personal euro payments, you might want to consider opening a Starling euro account; it’s free to hold, send and receive euros and there’s no monthly fee. You’ll also then be able to move money between your Starling euro and GBP accounts at the real exchange rate, with a 0.4% fee.
(09:05:29 PM [UTC]) Jimbo: Sorry but that has nothing to do with the question I asked
(09:07:04 PM [UTC]) Starling: Hi Jimbo apologies for the misunderstanding their
(09:07:36 PM [UTC]) Jimbo: I transfer money to Norway once a month. Normally I use the 30p transfer option
(09:07:41 PM [UTC]) Jimbo: It’s no longer there
(09:07:55 PM [UTC]) Starling: Have you ensured you are using the latest version of the Starling app? As this option should be available for you
(09:08:03 PM [UTC]) Jimbo: Yes
(09:08:06 PM [UTC]) Starling: Have you tried deleting and reinstalling your app as well as restarting your device to refresh?
(09:08:42 PM [UTC]) Jimbo: No and I’m not going to as it takes you guys ages to reverify access
(09:09:24 PM [UTC]) Jimbo: I can see the option for other currencies
(09:10:35 PM [UTC]) Starling: At this point I can only sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this delay has caused you
(09:10:51 PM [UTC]) Jimbo: So you can’t fix it?
(09:10:55 PM [UTC]) Starling: I will have to escalate this case to the relevant payment department who can look into this and give you the correct update as to why the option is not available
(09:11:04 PM [UTC]) Starling: Once the team have reviewed this they will send you an email as well as in-app notification via the Starling app.
(09:11:10 PM [UTC]) Starling: I understand that this is frustrating but there is only so much that we can see from the customer service team

After 5 more days of waiting and chasing Starling via Twitter I got a reply from CS and from Twitter to say the option was no longer there for Norwegian Krone. I also asked them when the change had been made and why customer service did not know about it and I’ve had no answer. That way nearly a month ago


I thought you meant ‘editorial’


No, that one doesn’t work, they just ignore it.

Just received a response from Starling, a full 12-days after my simple enquiry. I’ve responded to them within two minutes. If I expect a wait of another 12-days then this will be the thick end of a month to get a reply to a simple query. (Assuming they can solve the query in their next answer).

On a live chat with Starling for a duplicate transaction.

Two transactions of £20.06 less than 1 minute apart. One has settled and one hasn’t and yet “we can’t reverse a transaction in case it’s presented, you’ll have to wait 31 days”

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It works until it doesn’t.

31 days seems a bit long

I’ve sent them screenshots from Deliveroo and apparently those aren’t good enough either

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Imagine if that was your last 20 quid and it’s tied up for a month…

wouldn’t be able to buy food for kids or anything

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turns out doing what they’ve asked isn’t enough either… Got an email from Deliveroo confirming the transaction didn’t go through and Starling still won’t reverse the duplicate transaction.

Going to call them in the morning for all the good it’ll likely do.

That’s what you get for banking with a turquoise toy bank - need to go with a serious competitor :joy:

will have to go with a blue one that has Child in the name :smiley:

It felt like this moment in Space Balls

It’s all the FinTech you’ll ever need… and good customer service to boot