The Thread all about SMS Fraud

Very interesting timing because I have just set up a new device but I don’t bank with HSBC and that is not an HSBC link

Oh! and if anyone wonders, that phone number at the top is not mine

Interesting! I have received 2 hsbc ones over the last 24 hours. Like you, I don’t bank with HSBC…

Out of curiosity do yours have the correct phone number for you at the top

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I don’t think the messages app usually displays the recipient’s number at the top, does it? It’s the sender’s

OH had 2 from ‘Hermes’ last night, thing is they were so late there was no way Hermes would have even attempted a delivery at that time on a Sunday.

Speaking from experience: the real texts from hermes are often horrifically delayed. The time of day alone is no indicator of scam…

But it is if we have no expected deliveries.

Banks should stop using them completely. In the same way there was a time when you couldn’t do certain transactions without a card pin reader thingy, certain things shouldn’t be possible without the banks own app. Given you get CrapDroid phones this

cheap and the availability of MDM solutions and data only sims (for example Sumup’s 3G card reader comes with a data sim locked the to the device) banks serious about security could supply a customer who has been means tested with a device and sim exclusively for the customers digital banking needs

Not to be pedantic, but if you “have no expected deliveries” then it’s not “the time of day alone” that is your indicator…

I think part of the issue is also when there are multiple people in the house using one account for things.

I don’t look at whether or not my amazon deliveries are coming from Hermes, DPD or Amazon and tbf I don’t always remeber when I have ordered stuff or know if the OH has ordered anything.

My indicator of spam is if the message has a link. IIRC DPD SMS alerts don’t normally have a URL in them

They do

In that case I have no idea what any of us are supposed to do short of being extremely vigilant, something that seems beyond the graps of most mortals :rofl:

Don’t agree: for a start a bank is not going to provide this to customers to use for SMS/Calls/Bank only data

So your first hurdle is people need dual SIM mobiles

The second hurdle is we generally do not like paying for free lunches in the U.K., banks are already the most profit squeezed here compared to anywhere else in Europe

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I agree that given the choice banks wouldn’t pay for it if they didn’t have to but I used that device as an example. A device that is £50 inc VAT on Amazon could easily be sourced by a bank a lot cheaper). I believe and I could be wrong that most people who don’t have their banking app installed choose not install it. If they had to have it installed for certain things most of the people would install it and then endlesly complain about it.

My idea is one possible solution for a very specific subset of customers that cannot for one reason or another afford to have a smart phone and without getting tooo judgmental those clients would likely not fall foul of the restrictions I would suggest that would require an autheticated device.

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/shrug I think we can all admit they form a crucial part of society

Furthermore the 25% incoming tax rate with the 8% surcharge means potentially 33% of their profits go to HM Treasury, which is wild

Luckily Sunak said he’d look into it as it would squeeze our banks too much

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Problem for banks is they are in a damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

Don’t get me wrong i am not defending their activities but retail banks need to continue innovating and if they can’t charge customers then they need the option to pay less tax. Either way (at the moment) In the end the only people that lose is the consumer