The thread all about RBS/Child and Co

So has anyone ever taken advantage of the RBS sign up tool to bag themselves a child & co account?

I signed up for one about 6 years ago, kept it for a year and then closed it.

I signed up again about a year ago and have been using it since.

Slightly overated if you ask me, bit like people that buy “prop” Amex Centurion cards from eBay :rofl:

Process is very simple though.

  • Sign up here Opening An Account
  • When you are prompted for a branch select sort code 15-80-00 or search for Fleet Street London

Word of warning… they always do a manual account verification so don’t expect instant opening when you sign up

Edit… Other thing I noticed was that the hard credit check can often take a few weeks to show up. The 1st account I had it took two weeks, the second account I signed up it appeared about 8 weeks later

No, not tried it as I don’t really need an RBS select account - but if I ever do I might give it a go.

Worth it… if you want a nicer looking card than the RBS default.

Did it myself couple of days back… card arrived today! Very swish :ok_hand:


definitely worth for the nicer card, the standard RBS card is hideous if that’s what matters to you

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Just signed up. Really impressed with the speed of processing card and PIN within the same week. Nice card, indeed.


What are the prerequisites to joining?

Signed up too and had two hard searches on my credit report on the day it happened according to ClearScore.

I do miss my old embossed card but I am pretty sure it would have expired and I would still be on the new non embossed card now.

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Same as for an RBS account, and knowing the magic URI.

Hopefully they don’t cotton on and send us all RBS Select cards upon renewal

Are they actually a good bank or is it just for status?

Already got a collection of those #RBScustomer :joy:

I’m very impressed with their app but their online bamking feels very basic.

I just did it for pretty card

RBS? Customer service chat is good… Cora the AI… not bad.

Has cheque imaging, post office deposits, branches…

It’s a bank? That just works?

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I think I want to go visit my branch now. The interior design is stunning


Does it have free wifi? :slight_smile:

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Any RBS customer can visit/use this branch, if they want to.

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Next time I am in London I might have to pop by.

I don’t know about anyone else but I’d feel slightly nervous about going in, just in case they told me I shouldn’t be there

I’ll go visit my local branch…


Wonder if I whip out the C&C card will I get special treatment :joy: