The thread all about Phone Contracts and Mobile Networks

Looking to get a new sim only on EE however all the good deals now seem to be 24mths, was looking at this

Looks good but it’s that whole 24mth thing…

What are your guys opinions on 12-24mths

If you’re happy to stay on EE for a while it doesn’t really matter what term length you choose with EE as they will let you change tariff’s pretty much whever you feel like it.

I personally still won’t sign 24 month sim only contracts if I can help it.

I would say that if you go into a shop or call them you can probably get that deal on 12 or 18 months

Also worth checking BT mobile… since it’s pretty much EE, sometimes they offer shorter contracts

Don’t think I’d sign up for a 24 months contract anywhere.

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I’ve got 120GB u/l talk and text on SIMO EE for £19.99 per month (£16.66 + VAT) but that’s on a business contract

I’ve also got £18 per month for 20GB of 5G data on Vodafone for 12 month SIMO on a personal contract

I’m pretty much on the deal that @Jeremy shared above.

No problems with it, better than o2

This is the thing, I don’t want to be tied in for 24mths (even though I’ll probably stay that long anyway

I went to EE store a while back and they offered the same, might call them or look on uswitch

I’ll take a look

Maybe you should look at Zevvle - amzingly I think they haven’t even changed their pricing model in the past fortnight :joy:

I thought they were PAYG?

they are… I think @nanos was trying to be funny :stuck_out_tongue:

I may not be funny, but at least I don’t ask everyone I meet to see their debit cards :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s because like me you’re not a Coral Fan Boy.

I want to LOVE Zevvle and the customer service when I was with them was second to no other company, only problem is I’ve zero need for more than one SIM and the prices aren’t competitive.

I’m hardly on the best deal but unlimited YouTube and Twitter swayed me towards Voxi, with Zevvle I’d get 5GB less for a pound cheaper and no extras. Also the next plan up is £20 for 30GB whereas Voxi offer the extras and an extra 15GB (45GB), I also have the ability to text shortcodes on Voxi too.

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And ultimately this will be the blocker for the wee guys. Until they get a decent customer base, they lack the power to get cheaper rates to be competitive

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I honestly don’t understand Zevvle or how they ever intend to be competitve. I wish Nick all the best but it feels like a vanity project and not a serious business proposition

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Sad but true, I’d even be willing to pay a little bit more as that is what it is. My only issue is I use a tonne of YouTube and other video app data and Voxi allows me to watch as much as I want as part of the package. I can get away easily with 15GB a month, however add YouTube and other video apps into it and I use a sizeable chunk of data per month. (I was on 100GB per month and saw Voxi as an easy way to save a little cash this way.)


Yeah, unless you own the backend/hardware and freq bands… you’re not going to be a market disruptor. BTEE are just doing their legal obligation and letting people use their network to sell services


Another of the pain points; I’d be paying BT more than I would if I was on EE by being on a small MNVO.

Simple things such as VoLTE, Wi-Fi calling and such aren’t also available at all on most MNVO’s… VoLTE has improved my ability to make calls at work (O2 wouldn’t/couldn’t enable this on my phone purchased elsewhere!? :roll_eyes: whilst Vodafone/Voxi has no issues.)

Voxi really is just another Vodafone price plan/tariff with a bit of paint slapped on. Vodafone SIMs can be converted to Voxi, the signal indicator on my phone says “Vodafone UK” and extra credit (for outside of your plan can be added via the Vodafone website itself or the Voxi one.

Heck if you check Reddit someone has even found a workaround to apparently have a Voxi eSIM using Vodafone’s website despite it not being at all supported!? (I’ve no need for it and can see it being a bad idea but apparently it can be done.)

I feel unless you’re a big name (Sky/TalkTalk etc…) or have a sister network like giffgaff is to O2, it’s an incredibly hard market to enter.


Very hard to enter, and not really much room for innovation unless you own the infrastructure either so disruption is unlikely in this space.

I don’t use Zevvle, but speaking to those who have say the customer service is very good - but the question is can it scale like that?

I don’t really have any experience in running an MVNO so they probably don’t need my advice - but it looks like they’ve put together their own billing system when usually networks pick from a handful of off the shelf offerings - if they want to make money maybe they should look at trying to sell that to other MVNOs. Maybe this is what they’re going to do and Zevvle is just the PoC.