The thread all about Marcus

Marcus have returned to offering a bonus on your interest rate. It’s only 0.1% but better in your pocket than theirs.

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I don’t have enough in savings to warrant the faff of moving it to fixed rate for 0.10%

The bonus rate is a fixed rate for 12 months that will never go down until the bonus expires. In which case you can renew it if it’s still available. The 0.4% base rate remains variable so can go up and down.

The account is still easy access, so it doesn’t turn it into a fixed saver. Some folk online seem to be getting a bit confused and make the mistake of thinking it’s a fixed savings account when it isn’t. The bonus interest rate is a fixed rate on an easy access account.

I’m personally a bit tired of all the back and fourth pulling between atom and Marcus with such pitiful rates. I’ve claimed my fixed bonus with Marcus, which brings them back in line with Atom’s 0.5%, but I think I’ll keep my approach to savings as they are with most going to Atom. I prefer the Marcus app and website, but it’s not worth the hassle for the same rate, and I prefer that Atom’s withdrawals are actually instant. Nice peace of mind if I need to withdraw in a pinch when time is of the essence.

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I just added the bonus rate in app. That was easy :grinning:

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You can do it in app now?

Edit: just seen and installed yesterday’s update, and it now has an option to manage the bonus rate, which adds a new option to the list when you click the 3 dots on the top right of your account:

Nice little quality of life update. Can also see the bonus expiry date now too.

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