The thread all about having a Smart Home

Given this has been a big project in my house for the past couple of years, thought it would be interesting to see what everyone else is doing?!

Currently I have

  • Philips Hue - Lights indoor/outdoor with motion sensors
  • Nest - Thermostat and Protect (doorbell and outdoor cam) and nest/google home mini’s
  • Starling Home hob to put Nest into homekit
  • Homebridge running on a raspberry Pi for testing purposes
  • Homepod Mini
  • Sonos speakers

Future plans

  • changing nest protect to Unifi Protect and using Homebridge for Homekit integration
  • Garage door - Currently it’s an up and over, but i’m interested in changing it to a roller with automation

Have a lot of automation stuff setup in Homekit, so i’m pretty much tied into the ecosystem

Edit: missed stuff…

I have the following:

Philips Hue - Bulbs a few Blooms and some light strips, trying to find a case for motion but can’t

Tado v3 Thermostat

Harmony Hub for TV, Sky, AV

Google Nest Hub Max and the smaller screen one


Homebridge running via Docker on a DS220+ NAS

eufy cam

Mainly use HomeKit and shortcuts hence Homebridge but I do use Google for light automation e.g. “Ok Google, Lights”

I had the Ikea smart bulbs and what a pile of crap they are.

They rarely worked with the hub, the app constantly crashed and having to pair each bulb with it’s own button is just ridiculous

On the other handed being a bit techy I do have a Unifi Dream Machine and UniFi 8 Port 150W PoE Switch. I’ll post a bit more about my IT setup another time though

Nice… Networking gear is probably worth a topic on it’s own!

I’ve also got a UDM and 8 port and an 8 port 150W :slight_smile:

  • Loads of Philips Hue
  • Nest thermostat
  • Nest protect
  • Starling HomeHub to connect Nest and Apple HomeKit
  • Apple HomePods
  • Apple HomePods Mini

Considering Eufy doorbell camera…

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True but…


Ha… how it’s changed since I put this up

  • Nest thermostats no more, one died, so just replaced both with Tado (has a v3 for geofencing) and put in a TRV too.
  • in the process of removing the outdoor cam and installing Unifi protect cameras
  • add another HomePod mini

My smart home setup is relatively new and has been a bit of trial and error. Orignally we used Alexa to drive it because my OH had Android plus there is a lot more compatabilty with Amazon.

However at Christmas I treated myself to a pair of HomePods and a 4K Apple TV, quickly followed by a few HomePod Mini’s and now we’re embarking on a UniFi/Homekit setup.

I currently have Nest for controling the heating but I am looking at Tado because of Homekit compatability.

My only other smart devices are Wemo smart plug and I also have a Yale Smart Lock.

Future plans include:

  • UniFi Protect Cameras
  • UniFi Access
  • Motion sensors on the lights in the house with timings that take into account day and night time movement (so as not to annoy the OH to much)
  • Smart Sockets and light switches

I prefer smart light switches as opposed to bulbs because if the network goes down the lights still have manual overides.

Could hook you up with a starling home hub for a small transparent fee :crazy_face:

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It’s not bad… will have to sell it on the work marketplace alongside the sealed nest thermostat :joy:

Just watching Grand Designs and the house in the episode uses this

Looks like they use a lot of this tech

If you’re self building and designing around it… it’s a great idea. A mate of mine will be doing something similar once he starts his.

For the rest of us… we have to install around non idea routing/installed systems etc

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