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What’s on your wishlist?

Improvements to iOS’ sideloading capabilities

I must be one of the few people that does not want to see “improved” side-loading capabilities.

If you wanna fill your phone with shit that you’ve downloaded illegally that’s prime territory for android right there :smile:

I say that half tongue in cheek and half seriously. I like my “secure” iOS environment

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I really want to see a significant overhaul of the iOS interface. I’d also really like to see the app library be customisable and be able to delete apps by searching for them

Free apples for all! :green_apple::apple:

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By improvement I just mean removing the “one week” restriction to signing applications with my own Apple ID

I can already sideload, just not pleasantly

Although not related, if Apple allowed third party stores / relaxed their monopoly on AppStore policy, I wouldn’t have to sideload. But as it stands, there’s no good anime/manga apps for iOS

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Well there possibly is…

Just not on the U.K. store

I’ve heard this before from someone else.

For example the UK doesn’t have much Anime on streaming services but Hulu has tons of it. Not my thing but my friend who is into it watches it using my Hulu login

There is on the Japanese store and the Japanese store only, Hulu is okay but the selection isn’t as great

But there’s a free app called 9Animator that you can sideload for anime and an app called Paperback that can be sideloaded for manga

You can change your account location to access it… not difficult.

It’s how I ended up with Apple Pay Cash on my phone & watch

Apple checks payment methods

You have an SSN? I couldn’t sign up completely and now need to call green dot to have them close my half opened account

I have a US and UK App Store account. So as I don’t fall foul of Apples 90 day minimum registration policy I do the following:

  • Have my primary apple ID setup for iCloud
  • Hit “media and purchases” and then sign out when I want to use my US Account
  • sign into my US account by pressing Media and Purchases again

Is that for Japan. For the US, I don’t need to do that… I selected Vouchers for the payment method

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I think he means that he can see Apple cash but like anyone outside of the U.S he can’t sign up for it without an SSN. I guess it’s how apple advertise it in the U.S. It’s always there unless you turn off Apple cash in Wallet settings

But I did manage to download stuff off their App Store…

They key is to only change accounts for media purchases and change it back before you open other apps connected to the App store such as Apple Music (if you have a subscription)

Has anyone here installed iOS 14.7 beta 2?

Surprised given how problematic the sim issue is that Apple haven’t issued beta 3 yet

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SIM issue? Please elaborate

Sorry posted wrong link. This one explains it.

I’ve just switched back to EE esim (which you can do in app and pay a small but transparent 50p fee for :rofl:)

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I been ok, not seen any sim issues

I’d really like to see SMS 2FA codes prefilled in browsers other than Safari… If I am going to have this awful method of 2FA it should work accross all browsers

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