The thread all about 9to5fs' iPhone bias

Is it just me? Doesn’t happen to me on any other discourse forum, but on here, every time I want to hit “like” I hit the share button.

Sometimes I need 4 or 5 attempts.



You should get a bigger phone. Oh and get an iPhone whilst you’re at it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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See, that’s why we need moderation and a flag button!

Or less chubby fingers… that’ll stop the button smashing

Yes, it’s just you

Are you saying I need an iPhone and plastic surgery? I better start crowd funding…

Beginning to wonder if @nanos secretly owns a BlackBerry :joy:

how dare you, @Neil!

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It’s all the Marzipan JoyJoys…

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That’s Android for you.

Apple owners…
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for an android phone?!

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No. For anything Apple produces :wink:

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There is no bias. The only smart phone is iPhone.

The rest are just dumb phones with cloud features…
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Moving threads around, are we?

Is Mathew the new mod?

no Idea what you’re talking about :rofl: