The Thread About VoIP

Telavox Free: Great customer relationships start here my company partners with these guys and it is technically possible to use their service entirely for free, their app is pretty amazing. You only need a paid package if you’re going to make outbound calls.

So these guys allow unlimited calls in and out over a single single SIP trunk. I’ve deployed them in schools where the PBX is primarily used for incoming and internal calls. Their basic line is £2.99 per month Single User VoIP - Soho66. Their mobile call costs are insane but as you say, you can your use mobile. Getting them up and running on ATA isn’t an issue but no VoIP App.

Love these guys and they have batman working for them. Their technical lead is a guy called Adam West :rofl: THeir cheapest package is about £5 per month but they do have an app and their virtual phone system is majorly impressive. I’ve got a client who uses the virtual PBX and diverts out to mobile. One of the features I like about them is their shadow calling. You create a hunt group and add your mobile and your ATA to it. If your home you can answer the phone and if your out it’ll ring your mobile but if you don’t answer it’ll return to the virtual PBX.

If you don’t mind paying for all calls then you can pick up a number (or port one in) and it’ll cost you $1 per month plus call charges. It’s easy to setup diversion using a simple piece of code.

Swytch £5 per month plus call charges, easy to use and sits on your phone

I’ll update this with a few more thoughts later but equally I know a lot of people who use Sipgate and are very happy


based on these circumstance, and my obvious bias, it’s hard not to recommend AAISP here.

You pay a low monthly fee of £1.20, and then calls are charged per minute at a very low rate. A lot of the stuff providers elsewhere upsell as premium features come as standard here too like call forwarding, it just costs you the standard call rate (as if you called the number you’re forwarding the call to).

I have several voip numbers with them, can’t fault it, and I like their features and control panel. It’s very technical tho! They’d benefit greatly from hiring a few human interface designers!

A funny little note, and I’m not sure if it’s still the case, but stuff like ACR and the warning of the call being recorded were voiced by RevK! :joy:

I forgot the link!


You should see Grandstream’s web interface for configuring the HT802!

That’s always nice, although I wouldn’t actually need it probably. The classic case of using call forwarding to forward to a mobile, for example, is just something I can “short circuit” through using Groundwire, and get the mobile to ring directly without any call forwarding involved (just the SIP credentials).

The nice thing about having bought my Grandstream and the Groundwire app is that I now have huge flexibility, as both are fully configurable and not in any way “locked” to a provider. So I can mess around with everything as much as I like and I’m not stuck requiring providers which have their own app or anything.

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Funny, what I like about Dial9 is that it was built by techies but designed for humans