The thread about UK weather forecasting apps

Has anyone else found that, since Meteo replaced the Met Office as its provider, the BBC weather app /website is increasingly inaccurate and out of sync with other forecasts?

Today for instance, it is still insisting that we have and will have very heavy rain the rest of the afternoon (there are not many clouds in the sky her, with no hint of rain for the past few hours) while checking with the Met Office and Google predicts the heavy rain won’t come into till later this evening.

If you want terrifyingly accurate rain predictions, dark sky is the go to source. Though they’re now under Apple’s ownership, and the API is inevitably doomed at this point.

Dark Sky is scheduled for shutdown already, I believe, and not available on Android.

I find that weather forecasts in the uk are generally not very reliable. At least if it’s more than half a day in advance. Anything beyond tomorrow’s forecast I generally consider a best guess … I guess it’s got to do with the instability of our beautiful British weather…

That being said: on android I have been using weather timeline for a while, and found it among the less unreliable ones. And on Apple there is dark sky, as you say (for another year, at least)

That being said, I’m so fed up of this weather! It’s pouring with rain again, 12 degrees , dark and miserable. On the 4th of July for crying out loud!

You can still access dark sky data through apps like Carrot Weather until the end of 2022 I believe. Weather Timeline as you mention is probably the next best thing when it goes away for everyone besides iOS users.

I’m not sure where you live but we’ve had nothing but hot humid stuffy weather all week. The plants are probably loving it but I can’t stand it! Would love to trade! I much prefer a bit of rain or a nippy climate!

I’m curious if anyone here has invested in something like a Netatmo weather station, and how well those personal weather sensors are for predicting upcoming weather compared to the likes of dark sky. It’s on my smart home wish list, but very near the bottom, so if and when I do, it’ll be one of the last smart home upgrades I make.

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I use Dark Sky but since the Apple buy the stock os app is actually quite good and also has rain alerts etc. so tend to use that a lot more now

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I normally just use the Apple app for weather.

Since it includes Dark skies it’s better than ever

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Once it gets the notifications and maps in iOS 15 it’ll be a worthy successor!

Just a shame it’ll mean the iPad will lose an excellent weather app!

I use iOS 15 and weather is awesome, notifications work well and maps move to the top if rain is due.


It’s pretty crap where I am :roll_eyes:

it is not good where I am and I’m supposed to be on holiday

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