The thread about.. Ubiquiti

So having a wee browse of Reddit Ubiquiti this morning and came across this…

Incredibly frustrating since I bought a dream machine last year :tired_face:


:weary: I also replaced my Amplifi with Dream Machine a year ago…

Oh well good job I need to get one for “testing” from work


That’s me upgrading my dream machine then!

Mines also barely a year old too! :weary:


I manage a Dream Machine Pro network for a client and if I ever buy a house I’m going full UDM Pro.

That said recently I got the LTE failover. It’s plugged into my Poe switch and I’ve been super impressed.

The failover takes a matter for seconds and I only really notice when the TV goes pixelated.


In case anyones interested my network is made of this

I’m very lucky that the WiFi on the UDM covers my whole house


I really feel like I should ask you what all these Ubiquiti things that you all get so enthused about actually do… but then as I’ve said before it’s probably easier if I don’t try and find out myself and just pay you at some stage in the future to do it for me :rofl:


Throw in a two nano-HDs (because ring sucks) and that’s essentially my network currently.

Was thinking about a UDM Pro, but this UDR looks like exactly what my network needs.

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For me the only thing missing from the UDM is PoE so the UDR would be perfect


Like that, but it’s missing the CKGen2+ (For protect) and 2 cameras i currently have installed (2 more to go - so far)


That’s they way I prefer this but you’ll also find plenty of expertise here I suspect.


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Feel like we might need some kind of “The thread about what all the acronyms mean” :joy:

Is this new? It looks new! First time I’ve seen one when someone logs into or out of the VPN. Notification tells you which radius account was used too. They’re logged permanently in the Unifi notifications pane and they now show up as client in the client’s view! Good security improvement this!

Interesting… need to have a look, haven’t actually setup a VPN for my home connection yet


A VPN in to your home connection is a must!

That way, you can always be “at home” when using a dodgy public hotspot or even abroad (since it’s not a commercial VPN service, it’s much harder for content providers, etc to block).

As some of you will be aware from my posts back in the day on FintechTalk, I am currently in an area with very poor quality ADSL broadband but am awaiting an upgrade to FTTP from Gigaclear. Gigaclear are actually closing the road outside the house at the start of March to (finally) install the ducting, which is nearly there to a live connection - they claim they usually come back to blow the fibre through within 4-6 weeks.

So I’m now looking to upgrade my DIY home network before then, ready to take advantage of proper gigabit speeds. From my limited research, a UniFi network is pretty much the only way to go. It will be expensive, though, as I will need 6 access points (blame a strange house layout and thick stone walls)!

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Going to test that this evening

100% agree with this

Do you have ethernet cables running round the house. Otherwise the UDM paired with some Flex-HD’s would likely work well


Thanks for the advice.

The current setup is all cobbled together from old Powerline adapters and really quite rubbish N standard routers which aren’t designed for a mesh network so don’t hand-off very well, etc. It hasn’t mattered hugely because the incoming connection has a top speed of circa 6.5Mbps so the poor internal layout hasn’t hampered speed (perhaps it has affected latency slightly but I’m not a gamer so that hasn’t mattered enough to worry about either).

As part of this upgrade, I’m looking to wire the house up with Ethernet to the locations where each AP would be, linking back to a switch in the loft. The switch could then connect into the new incoming fibre connection. I also have an old-ish home server which runs Windows Server 2016, which currently hosts DHCP, DNS, VPN and AD for the network. I will be looking to decommission this in the medium term, but at first I would just want to isolate it so that UniFi could take over DNS and DHCP for the rest of the network. I don’t actually need a domain, it just provides file sharing (a DIY NAS, effectively) and VPN currently.

I’ve put off the upgrade so far because Wifi technology is always improving and I don’t need it until the FTTP has arrived.

The house is awkward so I will want a professional electrician to wire the Ethernet for me, because I would probably just make too much of a mess myself! Almost none of the house is traditional partition wall, almost every wall is solid stone so there will be a fair bit of chiselling out and making good required.

In parallel with thinking about this, I’ve also been preparing to get rid of the BT phone line but keep the (very longstanding) number. So I have bought a Grandstream HT802 and tested it extensively with Sipgate basic. I’ve also bought Acrobits Groundwire for iOS and tested it with my iPhone too, so that’s pretty much ready to port the old landline to once FTTP is up and running. Although I should perhaps put that detail on a separate VoIP thread!

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Word of caution! How important is your landline number? Because it can be quite expensive to do! Unless of course you’re upgrading from BT ADSL to BT FTTP, in which case they’ll do it for free. But other VoIP service providers can charge hefty fees. I believe it’s particularly expensive for them to port a BT landline number onto other VoIP services.

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Yes, I’m going to be porting it to Sipgate so the cost is £30, but then there will be virtually no ongoing cost as the line won’t be used for outgoing calls most of the time. Obviously I’d rather it was free, but the cost is acceptable.

It’s needed because it’s a number my parents have had for over 25 years, so relatives all know it and especially elderly relatives won’t dial mobiles.

Luckily it is a standard BT ADSL line and not Digital Voice, apparently trying to port BT Digital Voice is supposed to be possible but very difficult.

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not sure what package you’ll get from Sipgate but I HIGHLY recommend Dial9

I’ve also used in the past too