The Thread about Starling Bank

I’ve started this thread for anyone with Starling Bank questions.

My first one is about spaces. Can I setup a standing (or somehow automate a transfer) order to spaces? For example I have savings pot for glasses. Right now each month I transfer that money to Starling by standing order but then gave to go into the app to allocate payments to savings spaces.

Shouldn’t you be asking that in the Starling forum? :grin:

Let me just go do that…


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Starling actually have a logical frequency picker that gives you proper control!

Monzo’s restrictive one is the most annoying thing about them for me! Glad Starling’s done that right!

Here’s Monzo’s:

And the one for summary, even worse!

Can’t they just copy Starling’s and apply it to both recurring payments and summary? :tired_face:

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Thanks @mirodo and @N26Throwaway, not sure how I missed that.

Rumours about a new Starling joint account card design were apparently true

Which bank is that again?

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I think it’s called Joint World Debit.

I really don’t like this trend of giant logos filling up most of the centre of the cards.

Imagine if Apple did that to the logo on the backs of their devices. It’s so inelegant.


I’ve got an Amex pot ready and waiting for this

I wonder what country they issue IBANS from

Their wording is interesting here. I wonder what approach they’ll go with. The Chase one? Or the Monzo one? Or something completely different? :eyes:

Based on the wording, I’m leaning towards it being similar to Monzo’s solution.

Personally I’d prefer the Monzo implementation. Given Starling charge for second accounts they could decide to charge for account numbers on pots

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Starling’s new ad is Campaign’s ‘Pick of the week’. As always seems to be the case with Starling, these campaigns that get a muted response from within the fintech community are actually pretty well rated within the advertising and marketing industry itself. It would be interesting to see how it rates with Joe Public, I suspect pretty well.

I quite like it.

Would definitely make me go find out more about them

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