The thread about NatWest / RBS

Seems that the transition from VISA to mastercard is well underway; judging by this email I received it’s looking as if Premier customers are the first to switch?

No other art or pictures to see what this “new look” card will be like however.

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Interesting, nothing from RBS in my inbox or (child & co :crazy_face:)


I’m suspecting it’s Premier customers first; in the past Premier customers have been the only ones to test fingerprint secured cards and payment fobs. (and even that was a VERY small numbers of customers.)

Hopefully they don’t give the child & co a fancy new design.

It’s quite nice just the way it is, plus it’s my only Visa card. I may have to get an account elsewhere as a backup debit card

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Once it’s switched over I’ll only have mastercards.

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Dozens could be a good account to open if you want a Visa card, as a Visa fintech they offer a decent set of features and they are unlikely to switch to Mastercard given they’ve only recently switched to Visa.

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Unfortunately I can’t get a Dozens account. I had one and closed it.

So far despite regular emails to see what progress they’re making, they can’t/won’t allow me to open a new account or re-open the old one.

Like much Fintech it seems to be tied to phone number so I may try using a different phone number if the RBS card becomes Mastercard

That’s a shame!

You could also try Barclays, or a Lloyds brand.

I’ve just closed the Lloyds account and the Revolut one :joy:

I’ll see where this goes. I do have Amex backup so not the end of the world. Also how often to MasterCard actually go down (famous last words)

Uh oh! It’s happening…. :crossed_fingers: they don’t change the card design for Child & Co

… and a bit more…

How about some details, make me excited not annoyed I have to change my details everywhere… C’mon marketing guys. :wink:

It’s fairly likely the changeover will simply happen as expired cards get replaced, and probably a key reason why marketing can’t advertise exciting new features is that there won’t be any!

Well, you will probably be able to use Mastercard Priceless but that’s it, practically speaking.

Most customers won’t even notice the change.

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I mean, it’s a card. What features would anyone expect :man_shrugging:

So who wants to take one for the team and replace their c&co card early?

I tried it on Apple Pay and I still get the current card

It’s a bit early isn’t it? Replacements won’t happen until December, so I’d assume they wouldn’t swap out Apple Pay images before then either.

And probably not until the underlying physical card is exchanged anyway, as I’m assuming they’ll match it by BIN

Yeah, you’re probably right about the BIN being matched.

It would probably Help if the RBS app shows the correct card image because that would probably be an indicator of what card was coming next

I think we have a volunteer!

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Donald Trump Head Shake GIF by Election 2016

I don’t exactly have the card for the “features” - I have it for the prestige :see_no_evil: :laughing: