The thread about KBC

Just got this

I guess now it’s as good a time as any to move my euros to Starling

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I just got the same.

In preparation for this happening, I have already obtained Euro accounts with Starling, HSBC and Fineco (plus I do have Revolut and Wise too, for exchange, and Monese as a backup).

Starling and HSBC are for good for “parking” Euros with FSCS protection, and Fineco gives you an EU IBAN (just in case it’s ever needed), so I am pretty well covered. HSBC allow you to pay in or withdraw cash euros at a branch too.

Still, I will be sad to lose my KBC account.

I’ll definitely be sad to see it go, I’ve had my KBC account since the Starling community days.

As I’m just holding Euro’s to protect me from currency fluctuations when I travel I think Starling will be fine for me.

I’m trying to rationalise the number of accounts I hold anyway.

It’ll be Child&Co/RBS next I think…. I’m full fintech now :grinning:

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Just you wait, RBS’s incoming innovation will blow everyone else out the water… :eyes::joy:

The RBS app is actually quite good now.

cough Cheque imaging & dark mode cough

Notifications too

It’s all about to become RBS Victoria anyway :scream:

We don’t really know if it is, yet?

This isn’t the thread for debates about that though.

I for one am looking forward to having a card with a shed on it.

Sounds like moderation :joy:
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Well I’ll get one of those anyway from my Drummonds account!

It was just a nudge, lol!

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True…. Am I old if I say I can feel it in my bones :joy:

I’m still holding out some hope that even if the branch closes, the brand will be retained.

Also, it’s a good idea to order your chequebooks now. They might make cards into a beach hut, but if you have just ordered a chequebook old branded cheques will obviously remain valid.

To be fair, the RBS app has always been one of the better banking apps out there. And it is getting better and better.

What I have always quite liked about it is that it isn’t as clunky as many of the apps from other high street banks. Previously it did have a smaller feature-set than many competitors, but now it’s actually surged ahead of many - with things like cheque imaging, dark mode and (some) notifications.

The high street brands really noticeably behind now, I’d say, are Nationwide, TSB and Santander. Nationwide are worst of all with their total reliance on the card reader and many oddities such as Nationwide-to-Nationwide transfers being processed without a reference. Santander are “basic but solid”, although with competitors adding features all the time they are starting to look behind.

And there it goes.

I was going to close the account but now I think I’ll wait and let them close it for me

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I’ve received the same message.

I wonder if approaching Bank of Ireland directly may allow you to manually open a new account with them, despite us not being in the EU. After all, we still have the Common Travel Area with Ireland and we haven’t diverged very much from EU regulations on financial services yet, so I can’t imagine anything actually prohibits it. Bank of Ireland may direct you elsewhere if they think supporting such customers is too much hassle, but it’s probably possible to open an account if you go over to ROI in person. I just wonder if you can do it remotely?

it appears they do offer a non residents account, not sure what that entails or the benefit against a starling euro account tbh

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Personally I’ll just switch over to Starling € account for now.