The thread about iOS15

So downloaded and installed last night and I have to say…

I quite like it.

The focus feature will be incredibly useful I think

Yeah, a bit underwhelming though.

Not sure I’m too fussed about focus feature - with WFH it’s hard to automate, and I have most of my notifications turned off anyway (except for the ones I actually care about in real time).

I do like the new safari and weather apps though.

But coming from Android I find it a bit weird that these app updates are part of the OS update - should be separate really …

Discoverability sucks this release. After the update the phone turned on just like a typical restart.

Had to go rooting in the settings app for all the new things and turn them on manually.

A big one for me that will probably fly under the radar is the built in authenticator.

I’ve been running beta and haven’t seen this…

Where is it?

Settings > passwords > tap on one that supports 2FA to set it up. The whole process is then handled automatically when signing into things.


Sorry 1Password you may be on the way out

Edit… just found my one issue with it… I store my backup codes as notes in 1Password. Cannot easily do that in iCloud. Sure I can create notes but they’re seperate from the password entry

I appreciate it’s not exclusively iOS but I’m most excited about iCloud custom domains.

Very glad it made it to iCloud mail overhaul


Hmmm that could be an issue… the other useful feature of 1password is sharing passwords easily with the wife

You can airdrop them from the passwords part of settings

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iOS 15 has 2FA now? Bye 1Password £30 a year saved lol

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I’m not sure id want to use iOS 2FA - that would be vendor lock in beyond what I’d feel comfortable with

I worry about this but also don’t see a scenario that would see me use another brand.

I switched my iPhone 4 to Galaxy S3 and hated every minute of it.

A few years back I had a OnePlus 2 but again I missed iMessage and Facetime too much

When I went to Windows last year for a bit I really didn’t like not having the phone and laptop in the same eco system. I just lost too much functionality.

I think Apple have me for life :slight_smile:

iPhone gets drag and drop:

yep, that’s going to take me a while to figure out

That doesn’t work for me. Am I missing something?

What device are you on?

Just long press with one finger and drag it away! Should be system wide!

iPhone 12. Definitely not working for me

I was able to drag the gif @N26Throwaway posted earlier, but when I dropped it in to the reply box it just redirected the page to the image.

Feels a bit awkward, doubt I’ll use it much if at all.

Same for me @nanos