The Thread about Credit Reporting

Just opened Clearscore for the 1st time in ages. The new design in hideous and it I still haven’t figure out how to view my credit report but I did notice this

Is this new to credit reporting, not sure I’ve ever considered it being a factor before


I also noticed my credit score is being hammered because I use my Amex for work purchases as well as personal. Means my credit score regularly goes over 45% utilisation even though I pay my card in full every month.

Still seems better than having massive unused credit limits but I could be wrong

It says “NEW” in the top right corner… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There are a few more new metrics which they are tracking now.


I wasn’t sure if it was new as in “we show this now, but it’s always been part of the score” or “it’s new to credit score calculation in general”

I don’t recall having seen it before.

It is new as in “we show that we are tracking this in ClearScore now”.

Credit reference agencies have always tracked this as it has been seen to be a proxy for financial stress. If withdrawing cash on a credit card, the assumption is you don’t have any other access to cash (like via a debit card) which is put down as poor money management.

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I regret ever signing up for clearscore. Can’t recall why I did it. Clearscore is essentially just marketing junk/spam. Your actual credit file is buried behind all that.

I know you’re supposed to keep tabs on all the major ones, but MSE’s credit club is the only one I can tolerate.

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The trouble is, there aren’t anywhere near as many ways to access your Equifax or Experian data for free as there are for TransUnion.

Experian is only MSE Credit Club, as far as I know, which is OK because they aren’t so spammy.

TransUnion have several but I use creditview integrated into the Aqua app as part of Aqua Coach. This gives you a full credit report with no advertising at all.

Equifax is basically just available through ClearScore, although I think Credability might also use their data. Credability is OK if you do want to dump ClearScore. What has annoyed me about Clearscore lately is their push to connect your accounts to them via Open Banking, which I don’t want to do but can’t easily opt-out of it by saying “not interested”.

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I’ve just deleted Clearscore so I’ll take a look at CredAbility

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