The thread about 'celebrities' in fintech

Who really are the big names in fintech these days?

Blomfield has left Monzo, Anne Boden doesn’t seem quite as vocal as she once was (even if the crowd over at the other place really have it in for her ) and Nikolay Storonsky at Revolut has also gone quiet.

I think part of the early fun of fintech was not just the attempts at innovation and disruption (even if few of them seem that distinctive these days) as the ‘cult of celebrity’. Do we think those days have gone?

I hope these days haven’t gone completely as I liked the excitement and fake cultism that surrounded these products. Sometimes it takes a person or a “celebrity” to get a brand and generate the interest but if those people don’t have substance it don’t last.

I regularly look for Fintech news to post here and recently it’s all pretty dull with not much of any substance to report. Unlike the commentors on Monzo’s community I don’t think this has as much to do with Covid as it does Fintechs running out of ways to innovate that have a straight easy path to making money.

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Oh hey! that’s my comment! :sweat_smile:

Effective way to get me to go from lurker to contributor I suppose!

I can’t speak for others in that thread, but I wouldn’t personally say I have it out for her. Someone posted an image of her book which highlighted a characteristic I’d picked up on from her interviews that I just don’t like.

Personally, I was never a fan the cult of celebrity mantra. I think it’s important for the CEO to have a presence, but I don’t think it should get to a point of cultism where it feels like the CEO is the bank.

Mark Mullen still seems to be fairly active and outspoken, but never to extent he was prior to indefinite delay of the current account.

Would Tim Cook count perhaps? Though Apple’s foray into fintech is mostly still limited to the US right now.

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The whole celebrity and cultism around tech is something that I consider to be very American and I personally think the british don’t really have the personality to pull it off which is why I think both Anne and Tom both bug me and inspire us.

Someone else that stands out for me is AC over at Dozens. I had to look at their website to realise Dozens have two founders (the other being Sam Dunford-Baker).


Thank you!

I think this hammers home my problem with it! I spent quite a bit of my life in America, so much of their culture is something that’s rubbed off on me, and I actually like it. Folks like Tim Cook, Elon Musk, Phil Spencer… love or hate them, they have the right charisma. No one was better than Steve Jobs in my eyes. It’s rare you see that outside of the America thinking about it, but Satoru Iwata was perhaps an exception. I absolutely idolised him.

As you say, I think it all comes down to personality and charisma. And whilst Anne and Tom have achieved remarkable things, they’re just boring brits in the end. :sweat_smile:

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I’d say no. I think when it’s too much tech and not enough ‘fin’ (an accusation that could slightly apply to Monzo perhaps at times?), it doesn’t really count.

Welcome to the the dark side :grin:

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Even went quiet before he left Atom, then again I never really heard anything about him other then he joined,

I don’t think he was ever meant to be very vocal. The media seemed to just hype up the fact he was and expected he’d become the face of it or something.

In reality his company’s incubator was the primary asset and he served to provide brand advice and guidance. He was actually more involved than perhaps many people might have expected. I got to a few opportunities to meet him, and he’s a very decent guy. Smart too, but perhaps suffers from a bit of idea overload, which can slow things down to a crawl.

I know many people in the fintech community didn’t understand the pairing, but if anyone ever watched the App version of dragon’s den Apple made several years back that produced, people would probably understand better why the pairing seemed like a good idea at the time.


Man who found that he wasn’t ultimately determined or resilient enough states that being “determined and resilient are fundamental to success.”

you know what they say

Those that can’t, teach

Naaa. I used to be a teacher. It’s bloody hard work.

I think it should be

“Those who can’t, take part in lots of interviews to say how hard it was for them.” :grin:

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