The Thread about Budgeting Apps

With my recent switch Starling (I’ve had an account for a while but only recently switched fully) I’ve been carefully categorising all my expenditure and discovered that their categories are fairly limited.

Now I am looking at budgeting apps of which there seem to be many, what they can do and more importantly if I need their level of detail

Would anyone here care to weigh in with what they use and pro’s vs cons?

My daily budgeting is actually very simple:
Joint account - 2 amounts in, less than 8 out
Personal account - 1 ammount in and 5 out

Everything else is basically spending money

I use Money Dashboard. Quite happy with it.


  • supports almost all my accounts except for Marcus and now Chase
  • auto categorisation learns quite well from manual changes
  • custom categories and budgets
  • can transfer money between my accounts through money dashboard (helpful as it negates the need for card readers with some legacy banks, as well as the need for cryptic saved payees which may be annoying in the age of CoP)


  • doesn’t support Marcus or Chase
  • missing an overall long-term account balance graph - I like graphs.
  • nutmeg link is currently broken (but no categorisation going on there anyway :laughing: )

General issues with any of these budgeting apps: They are just too slow to pull through transactions. I find categorisation works best if I can categorise on the same day that the transaction occurs. But these APIs only refresh with quite some delay (actual delay depends on your bank)

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I think I’ll stick to CSV exports for now. Doesn’t take that long and can have ALL my 3.5 active accounts in one place.

I currently have to do my Amex every month anyway as I export the CSV to get my work expenses out of it.

What do you use now?

I loved the approach DASBudget have taken, though since exiting beta you can’t get it in the U.K. anymore, though you needed a US bank account to play with it anyway. Hoping that one comes here.

Was built by a someone who also works at Monzo in the US.

Still use them. As of now they are still active, aren’t they?

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Wasn’t sure if they were!

Saw the topic on here so wanted to post about DASBudget.

Then I read your comment and vaguely remember reading something on the Monzo community about a sale and the service ending? Wasn’t paying much attention.