Starling dark mode android

Starling now have dark mode in android.


iPhone users be like…

Episode 5 GIF by The Simpsons

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that’s cool, I didn’t realise it was only iPhone until now.

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Just looking at some screenshots, is the UI and layout now the same on both Android and iOS :exploding_head:

I seem to recall Dan complaining about the disparity a while back…

We need an android user to confirm

I think updates are released in batches, I’ve not got the update yet either.


You’re right, or at least I definitely remember them saying that they switched to doing it in batches in the past.

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A couple of days later and STILL no update here… :frowning:

I can see why when there’s a critical update that stops people from paying payees that these slow rollouts could be a major problem.

With a traditional bank not being able to pay someone via the app isn’t so critical.

The other day I was trying to make a payment to a new payee and Metro Bank wouldn’t accept the sort code so I rang them up. After going through some additional security I setup the payee over the phone and made the payment.

I’ve not encountered any situation where either Monzo, or Starling can do this.

As you say Slow rollouts of app updates could be a major problem

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