Starling Bank Questions

I’ve started this thread for anyone with Starling Bank questions.

My first one is about spaces. Can I setup a standing (or somehow automate a transfer) order to spaces? For example I have savings pot for glasses. Right now each month I transfer that money to Starling by standing order but then gave to go into the app to allocate payments to savings spaces.

Shouldn’t you be asking that in the Starling forum? :grin:

Let me just go do that…


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Starling actually have a logical frequency picker that gives you proper control!

Monzo’s restrictive one is the most annoying thing about them for me! Glad Starling’s done that right!

Here’s Monzo’s:

And the one for summary, even worse!

Can’t they just copy Starling’s and apply it to both recurring payments and summary? :tired_face:

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Thanks @mirodo and @N26Throwaway, not sure how I missed that.