Smart Home security

Out of curiosity, does anyone here have a smart house alarm?

I’ve go a love/hate (more hate) relationship with my Pyronix enforcer and I’m reluctant to pay £40 a year to access an app to enable/disable and get alerts for something that looks like it’s a throw back from the 80’s.

I’ve seen the likes of Boundary Alarm (Edinburgh based startup), which looks really smart, but the subscription fee’s are ridiculous. I mean… even the free tier should allow you to use as many sensors as you want…

Another option I’ve been looking up recently is Ajax Systems, which unfortunately doesn’t connect to HomeKit/Goolge etc, but that might be a trade off…

Anyway… is anyone using a house alarm? :joy:

We have a conventional (non-smart) house alarm that’s getting pretty old now, but still works so wouldn’t make sense to replace.

I haven’t explored what it would take to “convert” it to a smart alarm system, although ideally I’d only like to have to replace the control panel and not the whole system.

It doesn’t seem to be an area where you have many smart options, unlike lighting and smart plugs.

If your alarm sensors are wired, I believe you can use Ajax systems fibra…

Otherwise you need to replace the lot

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Luckily in our case the alarm system is fully wired!

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My alarm system is 3yrs old, but I hate it with a passion. Every time I want to do something that involves moving a sensor it complains for the night :joy:

Just fancy something a bit more up to date and doesn’t charge for notifications/phone control.

HomeKit would be a bonus

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I see, ours is old-fashioned fully wired-in sensors across the house, professionally installed many years ago.

I would be interested in a new HomeKit-integrated control panel, but not in replacing the sensors or alarm sounders - which go very loud so work great.

At my previous property, on moving in, I had a professionally installed fully wired alarm system. It was ok but over the years I upgraded PIR sensors for quad PIR’s and of course the system did have to have a couple of proper inspections at £80 a pop. The main issue would be the alarm system internal battery which would fail after about 4 or 5 years.

These days, I use a combination of external Eufy wireless security cameras and Hive door and motion sensors internally. The Eufy video data is all stored on a hub which I own and can download via the app on my phone. I installed the cameras myself and they work very well.

I could put up a dummy external alarm box with flashing LED’s but it doesn’t seem really worth it although it would of course be an immediate visual deterrent. Very few people take any notice of audible alarm boxes these days and they only seem to be of use if you subscribe to an external monitoring company, for which one would obviously pay a fee.

As for my wireless cameras, they never drop. I’m on FTTP so the internet is rock solid. I also use a fit for purpose tri-band router, not the garbage ISP’s provide. Yes I have to recharge the cameras every 3 to 4 months, but it isn’t particularly bothersome.

I like the fact that wherever I am in the world, as long as I have an internet connection, I can view my property via the camera app. Coupled with Hive where I can schedule lights to switch on/off at whatever times I wish to have them come on, I can make the house look occupied when we’re not there.

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Interesting point, friend of mine subscribes to an alarm company who ‘monitor’ their notification that the alarm going off is to simply call you and tell you about it.

This is why I want something smarter with app notifications

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