Monzo’s 2021 Annual Report

Snazzy site. Big fan of the animations and parallax scrolling effects. Nicely done.

Haven’t had chance to read the report yet, but the statistics presented on the micro site look impressive at a glance!

Here’s a link to the full report for those who want to assimilate and break it down!

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So Friday morning maths moment… 3.1billion deposits, 5mill customers… so saying that £620 in each account (ok, it won’t work out quite like that in reality, but it’s an average).


The way I read it is that they’re still relying on transaction charges for income which means Covid really hurt them, they’re still hoping Plus will make them money and their losses are up not down


so, how much did they lose? and how does that compare to 2020?


Still got the material uncertainty about continuing as a going concern by the looks of it.

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I haven’t read the report yet, but I was told years ago, the more impressive an Annual Report from a company looks, the worse the results tend to be…


I assume they wouldn’t “fail” but more likely get bought out.

Can you imagine if Starling ending buying what’s left of Monzo :rofl: