Lloyds Bank launches cashback credit card that pays up to 0.5% - plus a £20 introductory bonus


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Another good move from Lloyds.

They also offer cash back on things via their debit cards too.

I’ve been after a decent non-Amex cashback card, this might be it


Need to see if they’ll change my current one without a new search and give me the same limit

This is a surprising move, and I think it’s probably the best cashback Mastercard credit card currently available (also beating the best cashback Visa, which I think is a Barclaycard offering 0.25% cashback).

I’ve just discovered that you can apply to swap your credit card with Lloyds.

Just swapped my daily spend Platinum card with them for the cashback one.


Turns out you can’t swap cards. After much back and forth with Lloyds I found out the swap card function code in their website doesn’t work and shouldn’t have been launched.

Ended up having to do a whole new application and now I have two cards. (My old platinum card and my new cashback one).

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You may be able to transfer the credit limit from one to the other if you ask…

I thought about that but the limits are very close to each other and both substantially higher than I would ever need so I’ll likely ditch the older card at some point in

Me too.

Advised them the other day to close the Platinum in favour of the Cashback card.

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