🎵 🎵 It's going to Rome, It's going to Rome, Football's going to Rome 🎵 🎵

My prediction is 3-1 to Italy

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Yup, I supsect England will see one or two of those :rofl:

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Well win or lose you can guarantee England fans will be complete c**ts about it

I’d probably label them dickheads who happen to be England fans, rather than just England fans as if every single England fan is going around head butting foreigners.

There are dickheads in every group - and as there are a particularly large number of England fans in England then a number of those will be dickheads.

You’re more than likely right but round here people are queing for pubs now which means I can only imagine how pissed they’ll be by kick off.

Either way after the game I predict the UK will look a bit like the The Purge https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2184339/

Italian beer in the fridge… guess who I’m supporting :joy:

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Wonder what the odds were for penalties

No you didn’t you said 3-1 to Italy :rofl: