HSBC No Fixed Address

Just seen an advert for this initiative on YouTube. It’s rare I’ll see an advert that captivates my attention enough to let it play but this one did, and I’m glad because it’s quite important.

I don’t know what, if anything, other banks are doing in relation to this, but good job HSBC! This is excellent! :clap:

It’s quite compelling.

I don’t think people truly understand the true extent of what you can’t do in life without a bank account.

Something like this advert won’t only appeal to those in need but will also appeal to those that may know people in need

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The Big Issue have covered it here

HSBC’s move has been the most significant national effort a major bank has taken to address the issue. In recent years, the rise of challenger banks, such as Monzo, has reduced the barriers to opening an account but the digital option comes with the need for a smartphone and photo ID while traditional high-street banks, such as Lloyd’s Bank, have combatted financial exclusion on a smaller scale.

I think it’s interesting and something people may not realise but owning a smart phone capable of running Monzo or Starling apps is actually quite a big barrier to banking. This is definitely something the traditional banks should be a lot better at than the challengers

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