Grocery app Lollipop wants to be the Monzo of supermarkets | Sifted

It’s quite simple really:

  • they would be closed even when they said they were open
  • they would charge small transparent fees for things that other supermarket don’t charge for
  • Their customer service would be absolutely atrocious
  • They’d have a small Group of followers that refuse believe they can do anything wrong
  • if you actually managed to get hold of customer service they would immediately escalate your request to a specialist and have you stand in a corner whilst they ignore you for at least eight hours
  • their pick n ‘ mix selection would actually be chosen for you and wouldn’t contain any of the sweets you actually like or want

Oh and the only thing they would sell, would likely be Artisanal flour

I’m totally mystified as to why any company would want to be ‘the Monzo’ of anything.

They’ve, as far as I can see, long since stopped being disruptive in their sector.

So, they want no clear route to any profitability and customer service that’s rather hard to find and woeful!? :rofl::+1:t2:

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