Fintech is killing off the UK high street bank

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I’d say technology is killing off the high street in general, it’s not unique to finance.


Good point!

These findings are not a surprise and just highlight how it is the convenience of technology which is a such a challenge to the high street.

Nobody is going to go into a physical bank if they don’t need to, apart from everything else it is too much hassle.

Shops at least have the selling point that you get to see the goods tangibly when in person, which some people prefer, and you can buy them and walk out with them.

The other thing is that fintech has really “raised the bar” of customer expectations for technology and standards for apps especially. Investing in this is a cost to banks that’s not to be underestimated, so they are closing branches to reduce costs elsewhere to allow for a reallocation of resources to “follow the needs of the customer” (most customers now, overwhelmingly, being online). The Post Office is the bone thrown to people who can’t or won’t bank online.

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