Contactless card limit to rise to £100 in October

Is it possible to opt out of these things? I know banks are liable for any fraud as a result of these transactions, but it still leaves you out of pocket for a period of time, and I’d rather not have the hassle.

also, @SebH may know this, but are there any banks who will let you disable contactless without disabling Apple Pay? I really don’t need contactless on my plastic cards in this era of mobile wallets.


I doubt it, but I rarely carry cards and rely almost solely on Apple Pay. The few cards I carry are all disabled until I need them. Although weirdly I found out the other the day that you cannot turn off ATM transactions on Lloyds


You could opt-out of having a contactless (physical) card and only use Apple Pay; many banks do let you request a non-contactless card - which I assume would still be capable of supporting Apple Pay.

I’m not sure about the details of card controls at different banks, as personally I usually just leave everything on.

It may be easiest to simply leave the cards at home and go fully Apple Pay?

Matching Mastercard and Visa mandates have required all merchants to support CDCVM and contactless since 1st January 2020, so theoretically Apple Pay should always work everywhere (and if it doesn’t you can report the merchant to the card networks).

Ironically, the issue of misconfigured terminals not allowing Apple Pay above the limit just becomes less of a problem the higher the limit gets, so it’s easier to use Apple Pay anyway.

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Starling have confirmed that they will be allowing customers to set their own contactless limit, up to the £100 maximum.



Awesome! Hope more follow this approach.


I do like the idea of a sliding scale, set your own limit approach up to the £100.

I use Google Pay myself. However I would probably only make my personal limit £50 to round it to half and for “just in case” my phone ever looses power.

However in that situation it’s not exactly hard to use a PIN.


The other option is to use Google or apple pay.

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That article is a bit misleading.

It mentions mobile device payments, which as we know are authorised by CDCVM (but it doesn’t explain this well) and then refers to how retailers must support it and the “few that do” include a handful of names. Actually, almost every retailer supports CDCVM and it is a requirement of Visa and Mastercard’s latest contactless specification.

It was a big missed opportunity to explain that paying with mobile device is both more secure and more readily available for virtually any payment amount than a standard contactless card.


I can see this in Starling now, presumably in preparation for new card controls being launched on Friday

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Yes, I noticed that page had been updated earlier in the week.

They may be “switching on” the new card controls via a feature flag, so it just goes live immediately on Friday morning?

The Lloyds group apps have also all been recently updated, so their feature rollout may work the same way?

I can’t see anything in the app and on iOS there is no update this morning on the App Store.

I wonder what the plan is :thinking:

I guess the person with the keys for the feature flag isn’t in yet :laughing:


But I want it now, They said Friday dammit! :joy:

This is a Fintech forum if they say Friday that means it should be ready at 11:59PM on Thursday

Did they learn nothing from Chase, I signed up for Chase at 11:38PM the day before the official launch?


And got a half baked spending card for it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Working for me:

Apparently disabling contactless with RBS Child & Co also disables Apple Pay - how silly is that? Nor can you set your own limit.

Can’t see an option to configure any contactless settings with Lloyds unfortunately.

These are the only two cards I tend to carry around, so a bit of a shame.

That’s the same as Lloyds (very annoying)