Chipolo ONE Spot - Pre-order - Chipolo

Well given every man and their dog went for airtags… I went for that… no need to buy an accessory case.

I’ll give my 2 dogecoin worth when I get it

How does it compare given the airtag given airtags can talk to surrounding iDevices?

I think anything that uses find my will also use surrounding iDevices

This Up Here GIF by Chord Overstreet

Otherwise it’s just a Chipolo… (which I also have…)

Must use Chipolo app

there’s the killer for me (same reason I didn’t stick with tile). I’m happy for Apple to track (on the basis they already do for the entire find my service to work) me but I’m not giving the Chipolo app or tile app all my location data

Meh, we’ll see what it’s like.

Ordinary one works alright