Apple introduces MagSafe Battery Pack to charge the iPhone 12 on the go

Sorry but No!

The Anker version is a third of the price and uses USB C to charge


I’m not sure this is a good PR for iPhones and I am surprised Apple is going this. I guess they are more interested in making money now.
This just seems like make the phones light with a smaller battery but then sell this addon which will add weight to the phone but will make the phone work longer.

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What company isn’t interested in making money?

As for batteries, it’s a trade off between having high power (in terms of performance), battery life and device size.

As someone who works in the semiconductor industry we’re often focused on making devices consume less power and increasing performance, whilst at the same time making it all fit in smaller packages. It’s not an easy task, there’s a trade off somewhere.

As for the accessory, not something I need, my battery lasts well enough for my usage.

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I recently bough the Anker magsafe because I was on holiday and didn’t want to lug my laptop everywhere. IMO Anker quality is far superior to Apples own offering. All my cables, chargers and accessories are Anker, and they look way nicer

Normally however I would carry a MacBook Pro, a 26,000mah battery and I charge my watch and iPhone from my laptop when I am sitting at a desk.

My routine means I don’t normally get caught out but I do also carry a 12v 120w USB C car charger for when I am riding in Uber.

Which Anker batteries are you using out of interest?

Of all the ones I’ve tried, they’re by far my least favourite. I’m sure they’re stellar on the spec sheet whilst being low in price, but that seems to come at the cost of build quality. They don’t feel particularly well made in my view, especially compared to a Mophie equivalent.

I recently dropped my Anker battery, or rather, knocked it off a shelf onto carpet. About a 5 foot drop. The case split and broke. Had to tape it back together, and it doesn’t feel safe to use.

With the Apple one, the £99 price tag is right in the price zone I’m comfortable paying. It does what I need, and I can trust it’ll live up to high build quality Apple is known for. I certainly don’t need it; my phone can last almost 2 days on a single charge with regular use. It’s more of a just in case to throw in my backpack next time I’m on vacation.

Personally, I’d love to see someone come out with a MagSafe battery that doubles as a high capacity USB-C battery for my iPad and switch too.

I do something similar when backpacking! Just I use an iPad Pro instead of a MacBook. It’s light enough to tag along in my backpack and can charge my phone if needs be.

This one for longer journeys and plane journeys where there is no power option

it’s also on offer at Amazon right now

and this one when I just to carry backup in my pocket or a small bag

The little magsafe from Anker would easily do this if it came with a bit more capacity

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I’m going to have to retract my previous statement. The MagSafe Power bank is an absolute pain in the arse.

I can never be 100% certain whether or not it’s charged or is charging properly. This may be a fault but it’s just not reliable enough.

I leave it on charge now and I might chuck it in my bag if I’m running out the door but I certainly won’t plan on relying on it

You are clearly charging it wrong …

Are you referring to the Anker one or Apple’s?

Mine hasn’t arrived yet! :frowning:

Sadly the Anker one :frowning:

Since I first posted I’ve had some issues that may come down to it being faulty or possibly poor design.

  • I cannot find a charger that consistently charges it. I though initially it might be the old problem of no two USB C cables seem to be the same
  • If I connect it to the phone and then charge both, it works but very slowly.
  • The indicator on mine stopped showing if it was charging even though it would in fact charge.

What i tend to do now is leave it on charge when I am not using it and only carry it where I’ve chosen not to carry a backpack.

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